EMF 221: Principals of Film and Video Production

Fall 2017  / Mon & Wed  / 11AM-12:15 in MC 104 Course Syllabus
Instructor: Dr. David Reiss
Office MC 208 Email: dreiss@towson.edu

Course assignments will be POSTED below throughout the semester.


TV Studio production link: https://vimeo.com/246336622


REVISED papers and Scene videos due no later tan DEC 17th.

EDIT Project Media

TRUCK SCENE Shots 1-6 in sequence







Project 1 - 25% LOGLINE/Alt Ending. Readings CHAP 1-3


Project 2 - 25% FILM REVIEW ARTICLE, 2-3 pages.
Screen Blade Runner 2049 in Theaters.
DUE: MON November 20th via email.


Project 3 - 25% PHOTO TITLE Project.

READING: Graphics & Design

Instructions: Take at least 12 pictures,
EACH framed and SHOT 2 X for best composition without,
and then FOR a TITLE.

Be sure to use FOREGROUD, SUBJECT and BACKGROUD, Rule of Thirds and Focus to create DEPTH.

Link to Free Online photo edit software: https://pixlr.com/editor/

Pick the best 3 photos without a title
Pick the best 3 photos WITH a title

Feel free to manipulate photo color, contrast ext.

BRING the final 6 photos,

3 without titles and 3 with titles,

on a USB thumb drive that can be copied in class -

DUE in class MONDAY November 20th.


Project 4 - 25% SCENE VIDEO, 45-90 seconds.

SAMPLE SHOTS: https://www.dropbox.com
Shooting video with your Smartphone or camera video the basic shots of a single person entering a scene, and crossing the 180 directors axis line, edited in a simple Sequence.
Readings CHAP 4-10.
DUE: MON Final class December 11th.


TV Studio for recording of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is scheduled for WED DEC 6th's class.

Please Watch this example below.


The sound was recorded on this clip with a shotgun microphone on a single camera, with Reverb added in Post.


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The online reading states NOT to give the ending away,
However the assignment is to create an
ALTERNATE ENDING for Blade Runner.
1-Paragraph should do it.

READING for LOG LINE Assignment:






Media Composer / First
FREE Avid Editing software for students link:


Class Introduction

LENS and CAMERA Reading Assignment - PDF Link

Lens & Camera


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