EMF 221: Principals of Film and Video Production

Spring 2018  / Mon & Wed  / 11AM-12:15 in MC 108 Course Syllabus
Instructor: Dr. David Reiss
Office MC 208 Email: dreiss@towson.edu

Course Announcements POSTED below throughout the semester.

Revised Assignments and Due Dates

25% Log Line Assignment - Favorite Film and Sequel

25% Mise-en-Scene Photo and Video/Due March 12

25% Final Video Scene/Short Film/Due May 9th

25% Movie Review 3-5 pages/Due May 22nd

also April 9th is our TV Studio day, please come early if you can.



Assignment #2: Due MONDAY March 12th

Mise-en-Scene Photo & Video Assignment

READ Chap 2-3-4 in textbook

Using your room as a location you will create a set

that has PROPS placed and composed in the shot that creates a Mise-en-Scene,

that sets a tone, hints of a story, etc.

Link to Mise-en-Scene Slide infographic:



1. You will start by taking a single still of your room BEFORE you "dress" the set.

2. PHOTOs will be three shots - a Closeup, Medium Close Up, and Wide Shot.

You must Bracket the exposure +1, Set (0) and -1 for EACH Shot.

You will then pick the best exposed picture and email to me: dreiss@towson.edu.

Photo Assignment White Board


3. VIDEOS will be four MOVING shots of 5-10 seconds EACH-

Pan Left or Right, Tilt up or down, Tracking and Jib/Crane up or down.

You will want to try different Movement Speeds to have options, then bring the best of each shot to class on a thumb drive or upload to a video link.

VIDEO Assignment White Board


White Boards from Camera Techal Day: Motion Picture & Lenses






Assignment #1:

Create a log Line for your Favorite Film.

Create a log Line for a SEQUEL to the film.

Email your asignment to dreiss@towson.edu by SUN 5pm.

Read Chap 1 of Textbook.

Start to read online text: Lens & Camera

READING for LOG LINE Assignment:




Editing and Color Correction software Davinci Resolve 14 (FREE non Studio version)


Article about Davinchi Resolve 14:



Media Composer / First
FREE Avid Editing software for students link:


Class Introduction

LENS and CAMERA Reading Assignment - PDF Link

Lens & Camera

LYNDA.com tutorials


ENTER: Towson.edu

Then Login in with your TU Name and Password.